my name

i'm a musician from canada's east coast. something between a pianist, composer, sound artist, and improviser.

i aim to keep all of my recorded material accessible online for free - please contact me if you're trying to find something of mine with no luck, and i will ensure it gets to you to the best of my ability. read here about acquiring my discography through the InterPlanetary File System.

"(...)the piano work is all very lo-fi, in contrast to the often pristine sound of the electronics, ambience, and field work. each track is often placed in a new section of the stereo mix. the piano never flinches in its fidelity, but the world morphs around it. this gives the impression that the piano is some kind of summoning entity to me. there's a sort of power to it. even when it does get chopped (or dare i say, even screwed), it still lays at the center of it all.(...)" -Patrick Totally, Cavern Brew Records (on Wabi-sabi)