regarding Jakub Tabor's work

on 17 march 2020, Jakub Tabor, the artist also known as The Artificial Pine and who recorded under the names Epiglottis, Aer Leabhar, Isolated Light, Pchła, Zenosyne, Turdidae, and others, removed his bandcamp, soundcloud, and neocities pages, transferring all of his work to soulseek under the name Xybixs. i figured it was worth mentioning considering we have a number of collaborative works from over the years, some of which are no longer available to stream anywhere. Wabi-sabi is still available on the Cavern Brew Records page, which is the only exception. Jakub has given me permission to host the remainder of our collaborative tracks here on my site, so i'll leave direct download links for them in .flac available from MEGA on my discography page.
here is the message Jakub sent out to his bandcamp followers, copied verbatim:

Dear all, I've come back, this time with some sad news. After a long consideration, inner battle with myself and others as well I've decided to remove all of my releases from Bandcamp and Soundcloud transferring them instead to Soulseek. I do find myself baffled by the state certain projects and features have been ongoing over these past few months. The catalysis for my decision was probably the underperformance of "Tales of the White Owl" release and also personal health issues. I found, overtime, that all my releases started to sound the same for me. New material that was created in order to test some things out here and there also performed unsatisfactory. There was simply too much of the same thing. Similarly, my progression and evolution as an "artist" (though I hate that word) was also very much stagnant for these past few years. I do find that certain elements have been just "not right" and that, possibly, these actions were not meant for me. I want to also say that this is possibly not the end of my musical escapades — I'm still experimenting on different sounds and methods to not only record but also compose music. I just don't find the space for any of available projects in the current climate and platform. I do not feel right to ask or allow people to give me any money for my work which I feel are not good enough for such a payment. I also feel like these releases have aged poorly and are just that - poor examples of whatever capabilites I might have in me. I am also considering looking for more interesting opportunities, artistically or not, to find a way to express myself and my thoughts in a more easier and considerable manner. Since today, I've started a process of slowly deleting the albums from The Artificial Pine page on Band camp. All of these albums will be preserved however on Soulseek. You can find these releases by searching for them or looking for the username "Xybixs" under which all of my music has been preserved. I do feel like today, on 17th of March all of my sharing music sites will be closed. I do want to thank each and single one of you who helped me throughout this journey, who got me to the point I am right now, who exposed some of my inabilities as well as gave me a lot of motivation and advice to move forward, who downloaded, bought and shared some of my music. I want to thank all of my contributors and people engaged in collaborative projects. I couldn't have asked for more from anyone from you and I do hope that one day your words will ring true in the future, both near and far. I do also hope that we will hear/see each other some day. If not - stay save out there, keep yourself fancy and happy at all times. I raise my glass to you. ~TAP